Whisky Scented Timer Barrel Candle

Whisky Scented Timer Barrel Candle


Are you and your party tired? Need a drink? Well rest your weary feet at the ‘Torchlight Tavern’! Originally established by a rogue halfling bard, its frequented by all shades of degenerate mages, lost warriors and, most insidious of all, mercenary bards for hire! Just ask the barkeep for a shot of their ‘house barrel’ and watch your troubles, and gold…., wash away.

Torchlight Candles Barrel Candle’s are whisky scented barrel candles that can be used to add atmosphere or as an RPG timer. As the barrel will burn for around 3 hours you can mark your parties progression through a dungeon or through particular puzzles.

Add an amazing, rich, ‘taverny’ atmosphere to your game and add a new way to time your players. Oh and ,just like all Torchlight Candles, they will ‘bleed’ when burned.


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Each Torchlight Candle is ever so slightly different (as they are crafted in the Torchlight dungeon forges) and will burn and bleed in its own unique way. We recommend placing your Torchlight Candle on a plate or dish with a minimum diameter of 25cm to contain the wax as it burns down.

Always, always burn within sight. Never leave unattended. Keep aware from anything flammable. Keep away from children when burning.


The box dimensions of a candle are: 80 x 70 x 110 mm. 
Each barrel candle has a burning time of approximately 3 hours. 
Materials: Soy wax, cotton wick, Candle Dye.

Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 80 × 50 cm

Whisky, Stout


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