Krackenjaw Boss Candle Map Pack

Krackenjaw Boss Candle Map Pack


Krackenjaw – the arch-gladiator was born in the fighting pits of his homelands and has only ever experienced the intense thrill and honour of gladiatorial fights. Renowned for his crushing intensity and unmatched brutality Krackenjaw quickly became legendary in his homeland.

Now, having escaped his brutal masters, he wanders the land, destroying all forms of authority and looking to free his beloved from her captivity.


Full Map Pack – Tower Map / City Map / Bonus Flags

City Map & Bonus Flags

Tower Map


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Each Torchlight Candle is ever so slightly different (as they are crafted in the Torchlight dungeon forges) and will burn and bleed in its own unique way. We recommend placing your Torchlight Candle on a plate or dish with a minimum diameter of 25cm to contain the wax as it burns down.

Always, always burn within sight. Never leave unattended. Keep aware from anything flammable. Keep away from children when burning.


The Torchlight Candles is available with the following wax blood: green, red, black. The box dimensions of a Krackenjaw Candle candle are: 80 x 70 x 110 cm. 
Each candle should have a burning time of approximately 3 hours. 
Materials: Soy wax, cotton wick, Candle Dye.

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Dimensions 70 × 80 × 110 cm


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